Terms and conditions

Terms and time of goods exchange

[Numbers] Guarantee Day, Customers [Company Name / Store]
Customers [Company Name / Store] have the opportunity to carry out the test of the purchased goods for [number] days. If the purchased item has a technical problem, [company name / store] will replace the goods for them. If the item is not available in the warehouse, the customer will have two choices;
1. Get the same product of your choice
2. Cancellation of purchase and receipt of payment
It should be noted that in both cases, this process will take place within a maximum of [working days]. The cost of the replaced goods is also the responsibility of [company name / shop].

Terms of exchange of goods

1. The customer must act within the days following receipt of the goods, in response to the technical statement of the purchased item.
2. The technical problem should be confirmed by the experts [company name / shop].
3. Failure to use improper use of purchased goods, impacts or other intentional problems.
4. The purchased item must have a warranty.
5. If the technical objection is not approved by the experts, the goods are returned to the customer and the cost of the delivery is the responsibility of the buyer.


Warranty terms

 Warranty card delivery is required for after-sales service
 All products [company name / store] have a warranty of [number] months / year since the product / issuance of the invoice.
 The warranty expiration date is calculated according to the date recorded on the card or warranty tag
 Ensure the appearance of the product, serial sticker and warranty on purchase and delivery
 The warranty is legal only with a hologram tag and, in the event of a hologram malfunctioning, the warranty is void.
 Avoid delivering products that have been opened or sealed
 The surety must be affixed to the seal of the seller and the date of purchase must be indicated

Items that do not include warranty

 Providing services to products with no warranty is not valid. Please pay attention to product warranty when purchasing
 If the serial number of the warranty, the device, or the non-compliance of the numbers are broken with each other, the product will be released from the warranty conditions.
 The product warranty only includes defects caused by the construction and operation of the product and includes damage caused by shock, fracture, fire and ... according to the discovery of technical experts [company name / store].
 Carrying out services [the name of the service which is not covered by the warranty] does not include warranty
 The warranty only covers the original product and does not include its accessories

Ben discount

If you want to use the offered discounts on [your company name / store] in your purchase, simply enter the number or discount code so that the system automatically calculates the final price and displays its invoice, then the rest Make purchases and payments.

Possibility to send a gift

[Company name / Store] Provides the opportunity to send goods as gifts to your friends and relatives through the website. You can send the purchased item to your friends and loved ones by specifying the destination address, the shipping method, the possibility of packing and inserting your desired text on the gift, and giving them various occasions.

Procedures for returning goods

 Customer relief and satisfaction have always been priorities of [company name / store] and [company name / store] in this regard strives to reach each customer in desirable and anticipated conditions. However, this may be Respected customers after purchase have issues that in such cases [company name / store] are considered services in the framework of after-sales services that are as follows:

Bug on purchased item

Since customers sometimes need occasional testing of purchased goods, in order to provide better service, [company name / store], the testing opportunity of the goods sold is [days] after the delivery.
In order to make the best use of this service, the bug or bug should be at most up to [days] after the receipt of the goods, by telephone [phone flush] or sending the email in the contact section - on the website - to After-sale service [Company name / Store] should be notified.
Our after sales service experts check and check the bugs announced by the customer. If the defect is confirmed by the experts [company name / store], the goods will be replaced or you can replace your item with another model.
In order to send a defective product to [Company Name / Store], it is necessary to pack the goods well and all the accessories and invoice to be fully shipped with it.
Note: This service does not include any defects caused by the user's inappropriate use of the product.
When the commodity status of the post-sales service unit is determined, the amount will be credited to the customer's account in the event that a refund is required.

Discrepancy between goods purchased with site information

If there is a difference in the description of the goods received with the order, or if the specifications of the goods received are incorrect with the information entered on the site or with the customization recorded in the customer profile, please note the following:
In such cases, there is the possibility of substitution or refund of the goods if there is an apparent physical difference such as color that is visible without the use of the goods, within a maximum of [hours] after the receipt of the goods, to the after sales service department [Company name / Store] and the product is in its original condition and has not been used.
In the case of technical conflict, there is the possibility of substitution or refund of goods if the maximum working days after receipt of the goods are declared to [company name / shop] and the goods are in the initial condition and not used.
To coordinate by telephone number [telephone number] or by sending an email to the after sales service [Company Name / Store].
If it is possible to detect inconsistencies without opening the packaging, it is possible to address the customer's request if the goods are not removed from the original or original packaging.
When the after sales service unit [the company name / store] receives the goods and confirms the customer's request, the amount will be credited to the customer's account in case of need to be repaid, up to [days].
Note: Shipping costs are subject to [Company Name / Store] in the event of confirmation of a technical objection or a conflict with the information contained on the site.

Physical damage caused by transportation

Due to the safe and standard packaging of all items, delivery to any of the shipping companies valid for the user's choice and the bill of lading (insert in the cart and notification via SMS service) means that the occurrence of each item The type of incident is the responsibility of the shipping company during delivery and delivery, and the [company name / store] will only be damaged if the carrier confirms the order and in order to facilitate follow-up.
Damage caused by transportation must be notified within [hours] / business day after delivery of the order to the after sale service [company name / shop].
The damaged product and all its accessories and accessories must be shipped to the after sale service [company name / shop] in the same form as the customer has delivered, along with the formal meeting of the carrier and the invoice.
If the damage caused by transportation is visible at the moment or if the packaging of the goods has been damaged during the time of transportation, you can refrain from delivery of the item for review and return to [company name / shop] Come back.

Cancel purchase

If the customer withdraws from the purchase, before sending the goods, he / she must notify the sales department [company name / store] as soon as possible. In this case, there is a possibility to refund or change order.
If the customer refuses to buy after receiving the goods, he must give notice to the after sales service department at most up to [days]. In this case, it is possible to return and choose and replace another item instead of the item in its original condition and not used. The cost will also be charged to the customer.
Be careful to send the goods well packaged and send all the accessories and invoice together with it. If the returned goods are not received by [Company Name / Store] in its original condition, it can not be refunded.
When the after sales service unit receives and verifies the goods, the amount will be credited to the customer's account, if the customer needs to be repaid, up to [hours] per day.
In order to coordinate, you must inform the postal sales department [company name / shop] via the telephone number [telephone number] or sending the email through the contact section - on the website.

after sales service

Companies provide their customers with services for their products to keep them satisfied, these services may be in the form of repair, installation and execution, training, technical support and support, services provided to your customers with a brief description. Provide the terms and the duration of the service so you can more trust and satisfaction.


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