Marketing means providing goods or services that meet the needs of consumers. The marketing process builds balance between customer needs and company capabilities and adapts products to customer needs. Providing the right product at the right time and place, and allowing the customer to get the product profile to a successful marketing. With a well-trained marketing program, companies anticipate their customers by introducing new products and entering new markets to their predetermined goals. Therefore, marketing captures the company's capabilities, customer needs, and the marketing environment.

The marketing organization manages the company's capabilities and plans the four main elements of product, price, promotion and distribution location. It is also done by the organization to sort, diagnose, predict the size and plan a sustainable market share in each market segment. Carrying out marketing research, paying attention to corporate weaknesses and strengths, hypothesizing, defining marketing goals, defining strategies, defining programs, setting budgets for control, monitoring objectives and strategies, marketing program process. The process makes it easier to identify market opportunities from the company's resources and increase the teamwork spirit among employees, and ultimately achieve its goals and aspirations.


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