The products and services we have prepared are being used by our customers in our areas, but in order to provide products and services of a higher quality and quantity in a wider geographical area, we need the cooperation of the hobbyists of our subject in different cities, so that cooperation Long-term and sustained cooperation with the partners. We have made extensive planning so that our representatives can benefit from the interactions with us, our representatives are members of our business family and are always obliged to support We know that they support us if you are interested in our representative

Conditions Bank

• Nationality of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran
• Having employment conditions in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran
• Not having a criminal record and not having a previous conviction
• Provide financial guarantees for the company
• Having a suitable activity place
• Provide required property permits such as documents, leases and ...
• Having a good reputation in the city of activity
• Accept general terms of cooperation


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