message from head manger

Azar Shane Company has started its activities since 1995 and has been able to make progress and advancements very quickly. Based on ten years of experience, expertise and supply of the best quality, we are proud to be one of the leading producers of cellulosic products in the East Azarbaijan province and even Be in all parts of our beloved country.

In this regard, the presence of efficient, qualified and expertly trained personnel in the company has contributed to expediting and regulating this trend. By industrialization of the Iranian society, Azar Shaneh has also sought to advance industrial goals towards modern technology and with the presence of New and more efficient systems flow faster, with unfulfilled desires and aspirations by accessing a desirable industrial system.

Azar Shaneh Company has been able to have a presence in industry after achieving its goals for many years. Having previous experience and using engineers and technical consultants to make their own products, the latest methods and standards of the world today And strives to be on the path to healthy competition with other world-class manufacturers.

Nowadays, this issue has been proven by the number of applicants for the company's shoulder that is constantly increasing, and it is proud of the company that has used the best kinds of materials and equipment in its products and has been able to satisfy customers' satisfaction. Attract


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